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Why Does Running Cause Knee Pain?

Runner's knee, also known as patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS), occurs when you experience pain in your patella or kneecap. This is an extremely common pain syndrome that we see in my clinic, especially for athletes and runners.

PFPS is a biomechanical problem where the muscles around the knee are too tight (quadriceps, hamstrings, calves). A lot of runners tend to pronate their feet (roll inwards), which tightens the muscles around the knee joint. This causes compression of the cartilage in the knee which results in blood vessel/nerve irritation and pain.

Ways to Prevent Runner's Knee Pain

  • Stretch before and after physical activity (CLICK HERE for a FREE DOWNLOAD of a knee pain stretching routine from Dr. Chris Oswald's Stretching for Fitness, Health, and Performance)

  • Wear the proper shoes - look for a lightweight shoe with solid arch support. Here is a list of The 11 Best Running Shoes for Bad Knees.

  • Lose weight (if necessary) - excess weight on your knees can strain them and cause pain.

  • Stay hydrated

Ways to Relieve Runner's Knee Pain

Use MuscleCare - MuscleCare is an all-natural, topical pain reliever that I developed with my team of scientists to relieve pain, naturally, without drugs or harsh chemicals. It works by pushing magnesium through the skin and into the muscles to relieve tension, reduce inflammation, and push the pain out.

I suggest applying MuscleCare around the knee and up and down the legs before and after physical activity to loosen up the muscles/joints and relieve any pain.

To purchase MuscleCare, please click here (USA) or click here (Canada).

Visit a Physiotherapist if Pain Persists - if the pain is recurring and lasts more than 12 weeks, I suggest you schedule an appointment with a physiotherapist for further assistance and medical advice.

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