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Dr. Oswald’s decision to create his own line of premium, scientifically-based ergonomic, health and wellness products was based on his dissatisfaction and frustration with existing products that fell short of their claims. His client base of 20,000 patients serves as an ongoing focus group for product ideas and testing based on real consumer needs.

Dr. Chris has created multiple lines of products to help his patients live a pain-free lifestyle. His main product is MuscleCare, a bio-innovation in magnesium absorption. It's an all-natural, topical pain-relief product that pushes magnesium into the muscles to then push the pain out. Some of the platforms it has been featured on include QVC, Canadian Chiropractor, and Fight Network.

Dr. Chris has also created ergonomic office chairs and mattresses (temporarily unavailable), as well as pillows (available for presale only).

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Jully Black

I LOVE YOUR PRODUCTS!!! MuscleCare saved me when I was on The Amazing Race Canada.

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Dale P.

I never leave home without MuscleCare and because of