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5 Summer Activities You Can Still Partake In During COVID-19

Can you believe it's already August? I don't know about you, but these past few months have flown by. This is because when you fall into the habit of following the exact same routine every day, all of the days start to blend together. When we no longer engage in new experiences, our months slip out from underneath us, and before you know it, it's Christmas.

You're probably thinking... how the heck am I supposed to switch up my routine when we're all under quarantine and not many businesses are open in my city?

Here are some exciting summer activities that you can weave into your plans before the warm weather disappears. 


Restaurants may be closed, but nature isn't. Many kayak/canoe rental businesses are still open and safely operating under COVID-19 regulations. This gives you a chance to get out on the water (away from people) and relax. You can explore your local lake or river and interact with your city's water creatures like never before.

Road Trip

The beauty of traveling in your car is that even in traffic, you're going above and beyond when it comes to social distancing. Grab your favorite companion (spouse, child, best friend, dog, etc.) and set out on a weekend road trip. 

Pick out national parks to visit and camping spots along the way. Pack your favorite snacks, make a summer playlist, and create beautiful memories.

Hiking Trails

If you only have a few hours of free time in your week, but still want to take a mental break from the mundane chores of daily life, wake up early on a Saturday morning and find a new hiking trail near you.

If you've already been to all of the trails in your city, take a new route. Let yourself get lost and admire all of the new animals and plants you see along the way. Maybe switch it up by listening to music or a podcast while you hike around. Being in nature improves your mental health and boosts your vitality. After months of quarantine, we could all use a boost now and then.


If you want to switch it up but don't have the energy for an active day, a picnic is a perfect way to sprinkle some spontaneity into your routine. You're going to eat anyway, right? Why not do it outside?

Pack a yummy lunch and set up a blanket either in your backyard or at a local park. Share the meal with a loved one and channel your inner child by looking up at the sky to see if you recognize any shapes, or play "I Spy." Taking the time to let yourself be silly will give you a mental break and help clear your scattered mind.

Bike Trails

Have you been feeling down lately? Why not get your heart rate up to release endorphins? Biking (or rollerblading, running, etc.) on your local trails is a wonderful way to get some cardio in while soaking up the sunshine and enjoying yourself at the same time.

Due to the suggested quarantine, we've all stopped moving as often as we normally would in our daily lives. We're no longer walking around in our offices, walking to our local coffee shop to read a book, going to the gym, or socializing at events. All of those steps add up, and when our usual activities are limited, we aren't able to burn energy like we used to.

Biking will allow you to get back to a healthy, active lifestyle so you can look and feel your best.

Remember to take time for yourself and allow yourself to engage in unique and exciting new experiences as often as possible. This will help you take back control of what feels like a stolen year due to COVID-19. Life is so much more than restaurants and shopping malls. 

Remember to wear a mask when you're around large groups of people and always keep a bottle of hand sanitizer on you to use before you eat!

Engaging in physical activities may result in muscle or joint soreness. This is why you should always have a bottle of MuscleCare in your bag at all times! Click here to get yours today.

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