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Five Natural Ways to Safely Relieve Pain During Pregnancy

It's no secret that pregnancy can be extremely challenging. Your feet and breasts are swollen, you’re cramping, and you’re absolutely exhausted. The only thing worse than experiencing constant pain is not being able to take any medication for it.

Pain pills like ibuprofen and aspirin can increase the risk of complications during your pregnancy and for your baby. Some negative side effects can include heart problems in the baby, a reduced amount of amniotic fluid, or even miscarriage. 

This all may sound a little scary, but don’t give up! There’s still hope. There are plenty of natural remedies that you can try to ease your pain so your body can relax a little bit more to enjoy this new and exciting time.


Exercise is a wonderful pain reliever during pregnancy because it not only reduces backaches, constipation, swelling, and bloating, but it also releases endorphins which will boost your overall mood.

Light exercise is ideal because an activity that is too intense will increase oxygen and blood flow to your muscles and away from your uterus, which isn’t good for the baby. 

Some effective and safe exercise ideas include:

  • Walking

  • Swimming

  • Cycling on a stationary bike

  • Basic yoga (not hot yoga)

These workouts will help to get your heart rate up just enough to release endorphins. You don’t want to push yourself much further than that for the safety of your baby.

You should always stretch before and after each workout.

Before you begin an exercise plan, you should get it approved by your doctor. Although most pregnancies would greatly benefit from exercise, your doctor may advise against it if you have some forms of heart and lung disease, preeclampsia, high blood pressure that develops for the first time during pregnancy, cervical problems, persistent vaginal bleeding during the second or third trimester, or placenta problems ( 


MuscleCare is a topical pain-relief medicine that’s powered by plants. It’s designed to push magnesium through your skin and into your muscles to push any pain out. It’s FDA-registered and scientifically proven to be safe to use for pregnant women.

It comes in both a roll-on and ointment form. The Extra Strength Roll-On is designed for an on-the-go, quick and easy experience. The roll-on’s fast-acting formula will ease your pain within minutes. It goes on clear and mess-free (won’t stain your clothes), and it’s easy to apply on your own in hard-to-reach places thanks to its application process. Throw it in your bag and apply whenever needed throughout the day; usually, only 2-3 times a day is necessary.

The Maximum-Strength Ointment works a little bit harder to relieve more intense pain. It’s a cooling cream that is usually applied at night to work its magic while you sleep to result in a deeper sleep and a happier morning.

To get your own MuscleCare, click here


Stretching is a wonderful way to relax your body, ease your pain, and prepare yourself for labor. During pregnancy, your body will experience an increased level of a hormone called Relaxin. Its purpose is to relax the cervix and ligaments during labor, but it also loosens the joints and ligaments of the pelvis, which may allow you to overstretch ( Because of this, it’s important to be mindful during your stretching, and make sure that you don’t stretch deeper than you were before pregnancy.

If you’re not sure what stretching routine to follow, here is a free download to Dr. Chris’ daily stretching routine for pregnancy. It’s from his eBook, Stretching for Fitness, Health, and Performance.

Deep Breathing/Meditation

Meditation will allow you to manage your mood swings and relieve stress. Stress can cause migraines and weaken your immune system, so this is a great way to make sure that you’re both mentally and physically healthy.

Here is a 5-minute meditation for pregnancy: 

If you have some more time, here’s a 25-minute meditation: 

Chiropractic Care

You may not be able to visit a chiropractor right now because of COVID-19, but if it is an option for you, we highly suggest that you take advantage.

Chiropractic care is not only a safe but also an effective practice to relieve pain during pregnancy. It can help manage any back, hip, or joint pain. It can also help establish pelvic balance to provide as much space for your baby as possible during your pregnancy. 

Pregnancy can be scary and stressful at times, but if you have the chance to relieve some of the negativity by practicing these pain-relieving tips, it will help make your experience much more smooth and enjoyable.


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